Inspiring stories

(Video: This Republic day watch a classroom in India — 2 mins)

Inspiring  stories as told by AID volunteers who visited groups and movements  working on Dalit issues.

Safai karmacharis with safety equipment provided by Thamate. Pic source: Thamate.Thamate:   Learn more about Thamate, a group working towards eradication of manual scavenging and empowerment and rehabilitation of those involved in this inhuman profession.


JMS-sanchalakis-women-leadersJagruthi Mahila Sanghatana:  How Dalit women have organized themselves to form  Dalit women’s collective.



DSC01101Social Development Foundation:  How Dalit girls are learning new skills and strengthening their voice.



ajay_1Agriculture Workers Union:  Land as the central issue around which everything revolves.   Land rights and living wages for the underprivileged.


bmc sangati boys2Sangati: How children can learn about caste and gender issues in the social studies class.



dbm_2Dalit Bahujan Movement: Drumming government support for housing and other needs.